Third Party Administration

Highly responsive, end-to-end claims management, emergency response, and group insurance administration.

Internet Travel, Safety and Security Information Services

Fullerton Health Corporate Services has developed a comprehensive online portal to enable easy access to country-based information services.  Our online portals can be “white labelled” and customised by client.  Access is via unique ID and password with the same details allowing access to both the customised online portal and the mobile application.

Our online portal provides clients with access to travel, safety and security information services in an easy to navigate format:

  • Full country travel information incorporating security rating – filter by country + world map (point and click)
  • Real time travel advisories
  • Medical clinic location service
  • Embassy location service
  • Travel itinerary management


Travel Tracker

Fullerton Health Corporate Services can also provide clients with access to easy to use Travel Tracker software.  Working closely with client travel agents and office administrators, we provide a service to track and manage itineraries for both the individual and company management.

Our online services and Travel Tracker flow through to our easy to use Smart Phone application (download from iTunes or Google Play).