Third Party Administration

Highly responsive, end-to-end claims management, emergency response, and group insurance administration.

Claims Management

Fullerton Health Corporate Services can offer claims management services across various lines including:

  • Expatriate and inpatriate
  • Corporate and private travel
  • Group personal accident and income protection
  • Journey and volunteer accident
  • Public and product liability

Delivering claims solutions across a wide range of industries and programs requires more than just good management. At Fullerton Health Corporate Services, we take a focused approach that also accounts for a range of elements, including:

  • Early loss and incident notification
  • Early assessment and action planning
  • Sound reserving philosophy
  • Maximising subrogation and recovery opportunities
  • Validation of quantum and costs
  • Engagement and discussion with clients
  • Sound negotiation
  • Full range of claim payment options
  • Tailored reporting
  • Instant data access

Should you need to submit a claim, please do so via your employer’s on-line portal (if active) or alternatively download the applicable form. Find out more about our claim process.

Submit a claim

Submit a claim

Download the applicable form here