Remote Services

Baseline Group specialise in providing remote security, medical and rescue service

Baseline Group

Baseline Group specialise in providing remote security, medical and rescue services to the mining, construction, energy, and marine industries. Services include the provision of highly qualified personnel, support equipment and vehicles, together with emergency response training (ERT) for both onshore and offshore projects.

Baseline Group was formed in 2010.  The company vision was to become a leading provider of security, medical and rescue personnel to the mining, energy, construction and marine industries.

These services expanded over time and today we offer personnel, equipment, vehicles and training in order to ensure a full security, medical and rescue solution.

Our services are supported from our Head office in West Perth, WA.  From these offices we provide our services locally, nationally and internationally.

A major part of our service is the access to highly trained and experienced personnel.   We have successfully provided the following personnel to multiple sites in remote onshore and offshore locations :

  • Security Officers / First Responders
  • Emergency Services Officers (ESO) / Security / Emergency Response First Responders
  • Medical Emergency Services Officers (MESO)
  • Remote Area Nurses / Paramedics
  • Doctors
  • Safety Advisors / HSE Consultants
  • Shutdown Teams (Gas Testers, Confined Space and Rope Access Technicians)

Our dedicated project coordinators are thoroughly experienced with the operation of security and emergency response teams working on site and ensure our clients always have access to the latest innovative solutions.

Baseline Group also offer value-added services such as ambulances, emergency response vehicles, poison permits, remote Doctor consultations, medical supplies, return to work and rehabilitation services and bespoke onsite Emergency Response Team training and management.

All our services are backed up by an integrated management system which is fully accredited and certified to ISO9001 (Quality), ISO14001 (Environmental), ISO18001 (OHS) and AS/NZ4801 standards.