A full-service global Emergency Assistance program

24/7 Emergency Assistance*

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Fullerton Health Assistance – Australia offers a full-service global Emergency Assistance program, delivered from our highly experienced team located in Sydney. Supported by our global partners, we have many years of accident and health claims experience and substantial emergency assistance case activity including:

  • First class claims support and case management;
  • Access to our existing owned medical clinical network within Australia and Asia, and our highly developed global networks;
  • Class leading cost containment and medical credentialing services;
  • Consistent case management and service delivery to insured travellers; and
  • A patient-first approach to Emergency Assistance

Services are delivered and supported by our purpose built, and proprietary case management system. This delivers immediate case information as it relates to condition, cost estimates, case activity and patient communication.

New cases can be initiated via various channels, including on-line, by telephone, email or via a dedicated web portal. With recent and ongoing acquisition of medical facilities Fullerton Health Australia now owns more than 120 clinical centres around Australia. This is supported by Fullerton Health Group Asia Pacific owned resources (more than 500 locations) and our global relationships which offer access to the largest accredited medial network across the world. With substantial investment and experience in Emergency Assistance in all locations, we are confident that we can deliver a level of customer excellence, consistency and price control superior to any of our identified market competitors.

Our Services

Emergency Medical Assistance
Emergency Security Assistance
Travel Tracker
Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Medical and Non -Medical support
  • Pre-travel advisories
  • Inoculations and Travel Medicine
  • Evacuation
  • In-country support
  • Global clinic access
  • Cost containment and negotiation
  • Insured benefits support
  • Liaison with insurer
Emergency Security Assistance
  • Emergency response and evacuation
  • Pre-travel advisory
  • Country and location risk advisories
  • Traveller compliance
  • Global Locator Services (i.e. Travel Tracker)
  • Management Dashboard
  • Travel alerts
  • Workforce travel risk management services
  • Integration with insurer and employer systems
  • Global network access and integration
Travel Tracker

We can provide clients with access to easy to use Global Traveller Locator (Travel Tracker) software.  Working closely with client travel agents and office administrators, we provide a service to track and manage itineraries and welfare for both the individual and company management.